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How to Keep Your Self-Care Practices Affordable and Sustainable

How to Keep Your Self-Care Practices Affordable and Sustainable

How to Keep Your Self-Care Practices Affordable and Sustainable

If you’ve been feeling unusually stressed and anxious lately, you may have been neglecting self-care. Yes, some amount of stress is unavoidable, especially during difficult or challenging times. Also, self-care can’t make your challenges magically vanish. What self-care can do is recharge you and help you find the motivation and confidence that you need to deal with whatever life throws your way. 

What is self-care?

The concept of self-care has been around for a long time. We understand that we can’t tend to others if we are exhausted and depleted. As the term has come to be more popular, however, Accepting Therapy notes that many have inaccurately begun to associate it with self-indulgence. Those who are low on time or money may feel that self-care is beyond their reach. But self-care, properly understood, has to do with protecting your well-being, especially when threatened by stress or other damaging forces. Self-care is not about external luxuries, but rather, about flourishing on all levels of your being.

How can you work on self-care if you don’t have time for it?

Many people who ask this question are struggling to find a proper work-life balance. But not all self-care rituals take a lot of time. If you can give yourself a break for as little as a few minutes, you can make space for self-care practices such as going for a short walk outside, doing a few gentle stretches, or jotting down a journal entry. 

Some self-care rituals, like deep-breathing or listening to your favorite music, can even be practiced as part of your existing routine. You should also think about which of your daily habits are less helpful and how you can replace them with routines that support overall well-being. If your screen time is making you feel anxious or angry, for instance, use that time to work on a craft project instead.

Tending to your physical health is self-care.

Healthy practices, within the context of self-care, are not about beating yourself up or self-denial. You don’t want to think of your body as something that has to be pushed to be better. Rather, think of how your physical self can best flourish in the world. That means caring for your health by getting enough sleep, hydrating sufficiently, eating nutritious and satisfying meals, and exercising daily. 

Incorporate health practices that you truly enjoy. That means care for physical wellness will differ from one person to the next. Some may like high-intensity workouts, for instance, whereas others may prefer long walks. Those with physical issues such as chronic injury or ailments may benefit from yoga therapy, available in online sessions through Yoga With Tianne. 

Protect your mental wellness.

While physical routines can help with mental and emotional health, Wired for Happy suggests also trying to tap into some of the practices specifically geared towards protecting mental wellness. Making a point of mindfulness, whether at work or in daily tasks, can be helpful. Learn to guard your thoughts against ideas and fixations that lead to negative emotions. One especially valuable mental wellness practice is meditation. Meditation promotes clarity and confidence while diminishing feelings associated with anxiety and depression. Of course, it is completely free and can be practiced anywhere.

Don’t go it alone.

It’s okay to seek the guidance of a professional, when needed. If you feel you need support for your mental self-care, consider seeking out a therapist or counselor. For support in pursuing your physical health goals, you can find freelance nutrition and fitness specialists on online job boards. If you’re worried about cost, compare reviews and see who offers the best services at the lowest cost. Another alternative for support might be to make an accountability plan with a friend, so you can both help each other out at no financial cost. 

Self-care is most effective when it is sustainable. Yes, occasional splurges and luxuries are great, but you can’t rely on them for ongoing wellness, especially when time is short and funds are low. Start weaving self-care into the fabric of your routine, however, and you will begin to feel the difference in clarity, confidence, and energy. 

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Written by Amy Collett

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