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History of Gua Sha: An Ancient Chinese Procedure

History of Gua Sha: An Ancient Chinese Procedure

While Gua Sha has gained high popularity among women today, the procedure has an ancient history and proven health as well as skin benefits. The practice is known for treating the body holistically, ensuring good health not only on the skin’s surface but also throughout the system of our body.

History of Gua Sha

Gua Sha has been extensively leveraged by the ancient Chinese as a folk remedy for a long while. Though the Gua Sha’s period is assumed to be much older, the practice was first computed about 700 years ago in the Ming Dynasty between 1368-1644. 

In the historical record, Gua Sha dates back to the Paleolithic age. When people entered a coma or fell ill in that era, stones and household materials like tins or coins were used to massage the body to reduce the symptoms and side effects of the illness.

The Chinese word Gua Sha is derived from two words Gua and Sha, which mean Scrape and Sand, respectively. The scraping causes bruises or petechiae that appear like red or purple sand on the skin. Other words for this term are skin scraping, coining, and spooning.

From a traditional Chinese point of view, Gua Sha creates friction to eliminate internal stagnation and heat, both of which can result in multiple inflammatory conditions like muscular and joint pain, immune conditions, respiratory conditions, rashes, and more. Gua Sha supports the notion that friction boosts circulation, leading to good health.

This practice was also used as acupuncture therapy and traditional East Asian medicine. Although the roots of Gua Sha are in East Asia, it is now practiced across the globe to treat a plethora of health conditions.

Final Words

Gua Sha may be a traditional healing practice, but it has taken the social media and beauty world. In today’s era of botox and dermal fillers, this technique offers a natural and healthier way to maintain younger-looking, glowing skin at the comfort of your home and at affordable cost.

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