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6 Facial Gua Sha Mistakes You Must Avoid

6 Facial Gua Sha Mistakes You Must Avoid

6 Facial Gua Sha Mistakes You Must Avoid

Facial Gua Sha has become a sought-after technique to achieve skin goals in a natural way. This modern-day circulation-boosting therapy is gaining momentum in the beauty world due to its benefits like skin detoxification, disappeared wrinkles and fine lines, reduced puffiness, and more. However, most people are not able to make the most of this technique because they don’t use the tool in the way it is supposed to be. Here we will shed some light on a few Facial Gua Sha Mistakes you should avoid.

1) Holding the Tool in a Wrong Way

We have seen people on Instagram holding the Gua Sha tool perpendicular to their skin, which is incorrect. You should hold it at an angle between 15-45 degrees flat to the surface of your skin and gently move it upward and outward. This way, you will be able to maximize the contact between your skin and the stone and get the desired results.

2) Ignoring the Neck

Treating the neck with facial Gua Sha is imperative because it is the highway to your face. You must begin the massage by scraping the tool from the base of your neck to your jawline and then continue to your forehead, down to your hairline and earlobe until you again get to your neck. 

3) Moving the Stone at Different Paces

People start scraping at a fast pace but gradually slow down as their hand gets tired and then again start moving the stone rapidly. The variation in the motion in the case of facial Gua Sha is never recommended. The Gua Sha massage is most effective when it is a beat slower than what feels comfortable. It allows you to make a connection with your breath and feel the happiness, releasing the sensations given by the tool.

4) Applying Wrong Pressure

Massaging your skin vigorously using a facial Gua Sha tool can lead to bruises on your face, which won’t look cute. To move the lymph smoothly and rejuvenate your skin, you should move the stone with light to medium pressure.
Using the Tool on Dry Skin

Scraping the Gua Sha tool on dry skin can cause unwanted irritation. So, you should always cleanse your face and apply serum or face oil to keep your skin moisturizer and glide the tool smoothly along your skin.

5) Not Drinking Water After Gua Sha Practice

Sometimes, scraping causes red, pink, or purple marks on your skin. Drinking plenty of water immediately after the practice can flush the toxins from your system and reduce the marks.

Final Words

These are some of the Gua Sha tweaks that can help you achieve intended results. We also suggest you avoid this practice if you have broken or inflamed skin. Besides, if you have had botox or any other kind of filler on your face recently, then Gua Sha is not for you.

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