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Put your best face forward with all natural clean skin care. Our range of skin care products cleanses, treats, moisturizes, & protects with results-driven powerful organic ingredients..

Verified Testimonials

I love this product. This Gua sha tool is packaged nicely and great quality. I have had another Gua sha tool, which was more expensive and this product is better and better priced. Highly recommend. It gives your face a great massage and feels great, just make sure you use a moisturize or serum before using to ensure it glides smoothly. I also love the blue jasper, so pretty.

Natalie Johnson

I am in LOVE with this beautiful Gua Sha! I immediately purchased it when it became available & I'm glad I did! The item is really perfect & it feels so amazing on my skin!

Stefanie Borell

This gua sha rock has changed my face. I use it first thing in the morning after moisturizing . Everyone has complimented how plump and glowy I look every morning!! No more tired, sunk and sagging eyes. I am someone whose face puffs in the morning and have naturally chubby/round cheeks. This gua sha has defined my jaw line!!! The morning puff is no longer. Love this. Be sure to moisturise sparingly though, gets hard to glide on your skin if not.

Isabella McNeill

I've been thinking about getting one of these sets for awhile. The cheap ones seem to be hit or miss, squeaky and fall apart and Gua Sha brakes or not. But this set seems nicely high quality, comes with great packaging. It feels amazing on the skin. It's NOT squeaky and it seems durable. Can't wait to put this into my skincare routine.

Leila Rivera

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